Our Strategy


We focus on:

  • Translating nutrition science to provide evidence-based solutions.
  • Developing viable business models for sustainable change.
  • Scaling up interventions through strategic collaborations.

Over 35 years, Sight and Life has established itself as an expert in bringing out new scientific knowledge and research innovations for nutrition. We continue to build on our core expertise in generating scientific evidence but now apply greater emphasis on how this knowledge leads to impact on the ground.

The 3-stage testing of solutions

For making direct impact on the ground, 3 stages are required:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Stage 1: From science to solution

Generating scientific knowledge and converting that into solutions for what needs to be done; providing evidence-based solutions, which is a think tank’s core area of work.

Figure 1: Sight and Life Innovation Funnel: The X axis shows delivery of the 3 stages through a public delivery system and the Y axis through a market driven approach. High coverage and sustainability require both the delivery systems.

Strategy 2022-2025: Goals at a glance

Closing micronutrients, lipid and protein gaps in LMICs

Stage 1

Continue the work on science; expand significantly on product innovation.

Stage 2

Become the go-to agency for testing local sustainable business models. Achieve impact, directly, with partners and entrepreneurs on the ground.

Stage 3

Transfer skills and knowledge to more established players for scale-up by entering strategic partnerships.

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