As a stakeholder engagement associate, Tamerayehu oversees the implementation of Sight and Life’s Egg Hub project in Ethiopia. Additionally, he leverages his strategic thinking capability, and his skills in project design, implementation, and management to accelerate other projects in Africa.

Tamerayehu is an economist by training and holds a master’s degree in international trade and finance economics. He has over 8 years of experience in different industries, having successfully led strategy projects and managed stakeholders for governments, non-governmental organizations, and financial institutions in Ethiopia and across Africa. Before joining Sight and Life, he has worked as an analyst and consultant at Multichoice Ethiopia, HST Consulting, and Genesis Analytics. He loves a challenge and excels at problem-solving and troubleshooting.

  • Core functions - Government and stakeholder engagement 
  • Core areas of interest – Economy, Strategy formulation & implementation, Project design, Project management, financial services, and Stakeholder engagement  
  • Approach to work – Give it your best   
  • Core areas of research – Strategy, finance, Economy, and Market research 
  • Core Qualifications – BA- Economics | M.SC. – International Trade and Finance Economics
  • Past organizations – Multichoice Ethiopia, HST consulting and Genesis Analytics

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